Public Agreement

on the provision of redemption and international mail delivery services by the Meest Shopping service

Rev. 21/09/2021

Meest Shopping LLC (hereinafter referred to as the “Contractor”) provides services to an individual (hereinafter referred to as the “Customer”) of international mail delivery of goods and buyer’s services through the online Meest Shopping service, purchased by an individual from the Seller or through a redemption service with delivery to the address of the warehouse of the International Representation of Ukraine in accordance with the terms of this Public Agreement.

1. General provisions.

1.1. This Agreement is concluded by providing full and unconditional consent (acceptance) of the Customer with the conclusion of the Agreement in full, without signing a written copy of the Agreement by the Parties.

1.2. The Agreement has legal force in accordance with Art. 633, 641, 642 of the Civil Code of Ukraine and is equivalent to the Agreement signed by the Parties.

1.3. The Customer confirms the fact of acquaintance and consent with all the terms of this Agreement and the Standard Terms of Meest Shopping Service in full by acceptance.

1.4. Acceptance of this Public Offer Agreement is considered to be the registration of the Customer in the personal account on the Contractor’s Website in a mobile application or an application of one of the additional services: Chrome extension, Bestsellers, Buy in 1 click, but not exclusively.

1.5. By concluding this Agreement, the Customer automatically agrees to the full and unconditional acceptance of the provisions of this Agreement and the Standard Terms of Meest Shopping Service, which are an integral part of the Agreement.

2. Terms and definitions.

2.1. Public offer agreement – a public agreement, a sample of which is posted on the Website

2.2. Acceptance – the Customer’s providing full and unconditional consent with the conclusion of this Agreement in full, without signing a written copy of the Agreement by the Parties.

2.3. Services – Service or several Services in the field of international delivery (namely – services of the redemption and delivery of international mail items, their receipt in the warehouse, registration and forwarding at the request of the Customer), provided by the Contractor, and specified in the relevant section of the Contractor’s Website or available for selection in the personal account.

2.4. Customer – any capable natural person who has accepted this Agreement on the Contractor’s website or has accepted it by registering an order on the website and/or in the service application.

2.5. Contractor – Meest Shopping LLC, which provides services of redemption and international mail delivery from the warehouse of Ukraine.

2.6. IMI – International mail items, packed and formalized in accordance with the requirements of the acts of the Universal Postal Union and the Rules for the provision of postal services, accepted for sending in the territory of Ukraine and issued for sending to the United States and Canada by the postal operator JV “Rosan”.

2.7. Place of international postal exchange (hereinafter – PIPE) – production unit of the postal enterprise, which carries out: processing of IMI; presenting them to the customs authority for customs control and customs clearance; sending to destination.

2.8. Mail items – Goods (except those prohibited by the legislation of Ukraine, USA and Canada) are packaged and prepared for shipment in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of Ukraine, which are accepted from Sellers, processed and shipped by the Contractor upon the Client’s order to the Client’s country of destination, with gross weight not exceeding the established standards and requirements of the Contractor.

2.9. Order – a material entity purchased by the Customer from the Seller directly or indirectly through the redemption service that is duly registered in the user’s personal account.

2.10. International Representative Office – a warehouse the address of which is indicated by the Customer for delivery of the Order and is available on the Website at the link

2.11. Seller – any natural or legal person who, for a fee, provides the service of transfer (sale) of goods and/or organization of its delivery to the warehouse of the International Representation.

2.12. Collection – service of acceptance and transfer of the Mail item from the collection point of the transport company or the Sender’s representative office, selected by the Seller and/or the Customer, to the Contractor’s representative.

2.13. “OVERDIMENSION” – Mail items the weight and/or dimensions of which exceed the limit dimensional and weight parameters of the goods approved by the company, and therefore are sent only with prior information from the Customer and confirmation by the Contractor and the possibility of deconsolidation of the goods to separate Mail items each not exceeding the maximum allowable weight and dimensions.

2.14. Recipient – only a natural person who is the final recipient of the Mail item, determined by the Customer in the personal account of the user at the time of registration of the Order for sending to the country of destination.

2.15. Additional service – a service that cannot be provided independently, but only as a supplement to the main service.

2.16. Personal office – Internet service for independent logistics activities by customers in the system of myMeest service, which provides pre-registration and/or logging in at the link

2.17. CN23 – the form of the customs declaration which is created automatically in the personal account of the user by consolidation of the data entered by the Customer at registration of the Order.

2.18. Carrier company – a transport and logistics company that carries out the delivery of the Mail items transferred by the Contractor to the final Recipient in the country of destination.

2.19. Standard Terms of Meest Shopping Service (hereinafter – Meest Shopping STS) – a set of provisions and instructions for using a personal account that govern the conditions of operation of this service.

2.20. Meest Shopping Service – a set of services, products and software offered by the Contractor on the site

2.21. Unidentified goods – an order that arrived at the international office without its prior registration in the personal account of the Customer and without data for its identification on the accompanying documents. Automatically entered in the register of lost cargo.

2.22. Chrome extension – Chrome extension with which it is possible to purchase goods from Ukrainian online stores with MeestCard. See in the Chrome extension section for details on how to use this extension.

2.23. Track number – the number for tracking the Order, which is provided by the carrier’s company after acceptance of the Order for its delivery.

2.24. Order Number – a unique Order Number provided by the store/seller after the Customer has made a purchase.

2.25. Buy in 1 click – ability to place an order by sending a link to the desired product on the website in the Buy in 1 click section in a special form.

2.26. Bestsellers – section with goods, choosing which it is possible to order them through Meest Card.

2.27. Return label – an additional service that the Client can choose when creating an order. By selecting this service, the Customer may return the goods only by paying for delivery to the United States and Canada.

2.28. Buyer – a person who forms the assortment of the store, taking into account seasonal trends, concepts and tastes of the target audience. Additionally provides services for the purchase of goods.

3. Subject of the Agreement.

3.1. The Contractor undertakes, on the terms and in the manner prescribed by this Agreement and Meest Shopping STS, to provide the Customer with Redemption and International Delivery Services (namely – services of acceptance and processing of Orders at the warehouses of international representations, additional services specified in the clause 3.2 of this Agreement, but not exclusively, and services for delivery of Mail items to the Customer), and the Customer undertakes, on the terms and in the manner prescribed by this Agreement and Meest Shopping STS, to accept and pay for the ordered Services.

3.2. The list of services provided by the Contractor to the Customer is specified in this Agreement and/or Meest Shopping STS, which is posted on the Site and in the personal account and includes (including, but not limited to):

3.2.1. redemption of goods for the Customer by reference, through the extension Chrome, Bestseller, Buy in 1 click or in any other way;

3.2.2. providing the Customer with the address of the warehouse of the international representative office, for the organization of delivery of Orders purchased from the Seller independently at the specified address;

3.2.3. the procedure for accepting Orders in the warehouse of the international representative office;

3.2.4. the Order processing procedure, which includes the use of all types of additional services provided for in this Agreement, but not exclusively, their storage and shipment;

3.2.5. procedure of delivery of Mail item from the warehouse of the international representative office of Ukraine to the PIPE in Lviv.

3.2.6. the procedure for transferring the Mail item from PIPE to the Carrier Company to ensure delivery of the Mail item to the Recipient in the USA and Canada;

3.2.7. procedure of customs clearance of the Mail item;

3.3. The services are intended exclusively for users over 18 years of age. Any access to or receipt of the Services by persons under the age of 18 is strictly prohibited. By accessing or using the Services, you confirm and warrant that you are at least 18 years of age. If we become aware that we have inadvertently received personal information from a person under the age of 18, we will remove such information from our records.

3.4. The Customer agrees not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell or use the Services or any part thereof without the written permission of the Contractor.

4. Rights and obligations of the Contractor.

4.1. The Contractor is obliged to:

4.1.1. comply with the terms of this Agreement;

4.1.2. provide the Customer with the services of proper quality specified in this agreement;

4.1.3. inform the Customer about the current Services and the conditions of their provision on the Website

4.1.4. reimburse for the damages in accordance with the decision on the reclamation made by the Customer;

4.2. The Contractor has the right to:

4.2.1. unilaterally suspend the provision of services under this Agreement in case of violation by the Customer of the terms of this Agreement;

4.2.2. receive from the Customer the information necessary for the provision of services;

4.2.3. involve third parties to ensure the provision of services under this Agreement (including, but not limited to, freight forwarders, carriers, customs brokers), without the consent of the Customer;

4.2.4. change the terms of the Services and their tariffs by publishing relevant information on the official Website and/or notifying the Customer through the user’s account or any other communication channel specified during registration;

4.2.5. change the provisions of the Agreement and the STS unilaterally, by updating them on the official Website and in the personal account.

4.2.6. request additional documents confirming the identity of the Customer and/or the Recipient and the legality of the purchases and use of the payment card. This measure is applied selectively and may, in particular, be aimed at preventing fraud with payment cards.

4.2.7. unilaterally block the Customer’s account in case of receiving information from the Seller, the Carrier, the US State Security Service or other executive bodies of the Customer/Contractor, but not exclusively, regarding the Customer’s illegal actions in the process of ordering/purchasing the order, using the address of any international representative office for delivery.

4.2.8. other rights in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine and the Recipient’s country.

5. Rights and obligations of the Customer.

5.1. The customer is obliged to:

5.1.1. to get acquainted with the provisions of this Agreement and the STS at the time of registration on the Contractor’s website, in the mobile application or registration of the Order through an additional service after logging in;

5.1.2. timely pay and receive services under the terms of this Agreement;

5.1.3. use the personal account, mobile application and other additional services in accordance with Meest Shopping STS;

5.1.4. provide the Contractor with information on the content/characteristics of the Order in case of self-redemption, full delivery address and other information at the request of the Contractor or the International Representative Office;

5.1.5. indemnify the Contractor or third parties involved by the Contractor in the provision of services under this agreement for losses caused by providing false information about the content/characteristics of the Order or personal data of the user of the personal account;

5.1.6. adhere to the list of goods prohibited for transportation and be solely responsible for the correctness of the declaration of information on the content/characteristics of the goods.

5.2. The customer has the right to:

5.2.1. To receive services in accordance with the terms of this Agreement;

5.2.2. Request from the Contractor information on the provision of the latest services provided by this Agreement.

5.2.3. Request from the Contractor the possibility of providing additional services that are not provided by the terms of this agreement.

6. Cost of services and payment procedure.

6.1. Information on the current cost of basic and additional services is displayed on the official website of the Contractor’s service and/or in the personal account. The final cost of the Mail item is formed by summing up all the basic and additional services and creating a corresponding account in the personal account at the price posted on the site

6.2. Payment by the Customer for the Meest Shopping service is made by paying the invoice in the Personal Account or on the Contractor’s website in accordance with the terms of the proposed payment system. Payment of the invoice is possible by bank cards Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, MasterCard Electronic, Maestro or via Google/Apple Pay.

6.3. The cost of services of international delivery of Mail items payable by the Customer are formed in the personal account in USD.

6.4. Non-payment by the Customer of the cost of the Order is the basis for cancellation of the Order. The Customer may also cancel the Order until its payment, which does not violate his right to further use of the services of the Contractor.

6.5. Calculation of the cost of services of delivery of the Mail item from the warehouse of the International representative office to the country of destination is carried out by the actual/volume weight of the formed Mail item, after its processing by the employees of the warehouse upon the instruction of the Customer, taking into account the weight/dimensions of the packaging.

6.6. The final cost of delivery of the formed Mail item includes the cost of delivery service and additional services that were specified by the Customer during the formation of this Mail item and/or were added automatically (clause 6.2.1. Meest Shopping STS).

7. Liability of the parties and dispute resolution.

7.1. General provisions.

7.1.1. The Parties shall be liable for non-performance or improper performance of their obligations under this Agreement.

7.1.2. The Parties shall be released from liability for partial or entire non-performance of obligations under this Agreement, if such non-performance is due to the circumstances of insurmountable force (force majeure circumstances).
Force majeure circumstances should be understood as: wars, natural disasters, blockades, earthquakes, quarantine restrictions, floods, acts of state authorities, the resident of which is the Customer, or the state of the resident of which is the Contractor (including the International Representations listed in the STS in the list of the clause 3.2.), which prevent the parties from fulfilling their obligations.
The Party affected by force majeure circumstances shall notify the other party about it in writing within 24 hours of their occurrence. The occurrence and effect of force majeure circumstances must be confirmed by a certificate of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry or other authorized state body.

7.1.3. All disputes arising out of or in connection with this Agreement shall be settled by negotiation between the Parties.

7.1.4. If the relevant dispute cannot be resolved through negotiations, it is resolved in court in accordance with the current legislation of the country of registration of the Contractor (in the case of Meest Shopping LLC – Ukraine). The Parties to the Agreement have unconditionally agreed that the judicial authorities competent to resolve disputes between the Parties regarding the implementation of this Agreement are the state judicial authorities of the country of registration of the Contractor. All costs for filing a lawsuit, legal support, court proceedings are borne by the Party initiating the dispute.

7.2. Liability of the Contractor.

7.2.1. The Contractor’s liability is limited to the following: In case of damage to the Mail item due to the Contractor’s fault, the latter shall pay the Customer compensation in the amount established by the Claims Department of the carrier company selected by the Customer when formalizing the given Mail item or the Contractor’s company, within the declared or insured amount; In case of complete loss of the Mail item due to the Contractor’s fault, the latter pays the Customer compensation in the amount of the declared amount, but not more than 60 c.u. (c.u. – the currency of the goods declaration), unless the Customer has connected an additional service to compensate for the declared value and the cost of delivery of this Mail item to the Recipient’s country in case of its payment by the Customer; In case the Customer connects an additional service of compensation for the declared value, the Contractor shall reimburse the amount for which the Mail item has been declared. The maximum amount of the service of compensation for the declared cost of one Mail item for transportation to the USA and Canada – $1000.00. In case of delay in delivery of the Mail item from Ukraine to the PIPE USA/Canada due to the Contractor’s fault without prior notice (clause 7.1.2), the latter shall reimburse the Customer 10% of the cost of services for transportation of this Mail item (excluding additional services), for each day of delay, but not more than 100% of the cost of delivery service. Compensation for the cost of the delivery service is made by crediting this amount to the balance of the Customer’s personal account. The Contractor’s liability for the preservation of the Mail item shall terminate from the moment of its transfer to the Carrier.

7.2.2. The Contractor is not responsible for: Lack of cargo or inconsistency of the description attached under the condition of integrity of the outer packaging; Damage or internal shortage of the order, which occurred as a result of non-compliance by the Customer or the Seller with the requirements for its packaging, marking or declaration; Failure to meet the deadlines for delivery of the Mail item due to improper registration of the Mail item in the Personal Account, which regulates Meest Shopping STS; Non-compliance with the deadlines for delivery of the Mail item in the period of effect in the whole state and/or region of the Recipient or the region of the location of the warehouse of the International representative office, which performs shipments and/or is a transit warehouse, particularly, of the effect of force majeure circumstances, including delay at the border crossing points, unfavorable and difficult weather conditions, pandemics and the quarantine restrictions caused by them, which prevent the Contractor from ensuring compliance with the obligations for timely delivery of the Mail item; Damages to the Mail item resulting from the arrival of the Order at the warehouse of the International Representation and/or its transfer for transportation, after registration by the Customer, without indication in the accompanying documents of its special properties that require special conditions or precautions for its preservation during transportation or storage ; Loss of the Mail item (its part) if it is established that such a fact was recorded after delivery of the Mail item to the recipient, but the following conditions were met: The Order is accepted and Shipment is instructed with observation of all the established requirements, with no outer damage to the packaging; Damage to the cargo during its transportation, which was caused by repackaging of the order during its separation and/or removal of additional packaging upon request or with the consent of the Customer. For indirect losses or lost benefit/profit of the Customer, regardless of the nature of their origin. For the quality and quantity of the goods, the conformity of the goods to the description/characteristics specified by the Seller.

7.3. Liability of the Customer.

7.3.1. The Customer’s liability is limited to the following: The Customer is fully responsible for all negative consequences (damage to the contents of the order, deformation, etc.) in case of use by the Seller of improper packaging of the mail item, packaging that does not meet the characteristics of the mail item, its weight or established standards, specifications and packaging requirements, and the absence of special markings. The Customer shall be fully liable for damages caused to third parties the mail items of which were transported or stored together with such a mail item that contained in the attachment any type of chemicals, acids or other dangerous compounds. In case of application of financial sanctions, fines or other financial penalties provided by the Customs Code of the USA/Canada and other regulations of the Customer’s countries to the Contractor and/or third parties involved by him (according to clause 4.2.3), due to incomplete and/or inaccurate information and documents, other violations by the Customer, as well as in connection with the late provision by the Customer of the necessary documents and information, the Customer undertakes to pay the Contractor a fine equal to the amount of financial penalties applied to the Contractor, or the amount of the fine imposed on a third party involved by the Contractor or other types of financial liability applied to the Contractor or third parties involved. In case of finding, at the delivery of cargo by the Carrier company, the absence of part or full contents of the mail item under the condition of the integrity of the package and the absence of consolidation services, the responsibility rests with the Customer or Seller. The Services are considered provided to the Customer from the moment the Customer or the Recipient receives the formed parcel in the USA or Canada. The Customer is fully responsible for the content of orders, compliance of the declared data with the actual content and compliance with the list of goods prohibited for shipment, governed by customs legislation of Ukraine and the Recipient’s country. The Customer is personally responsible for the choice of goods from the Seller of his choice, size, color, specifications and/or other properties and characteristics of the goods. The Contractor may draw the Customer’s attention to the risks associated with the Order.

8. Term of validity of the Agreement.

8.1. The Agreement comes into force from the moment of registration by the Customer of a personal account on the website or in the annex (specified in clause 1.4.)

8.2. The Agreement and/or Meest Shopping STS may be changed by the Contractor without any special notice. The only current version of the Agreement is posted at Continuation of the Customer’s use of the Services after the change of the current terms of the Agreement, which will be posted on the Contractor’s website, will be considered as the Customer’s consent to the changes and additions.

8.3. The current version of the Agreement automatically cancels the conditions provided by the previous version.

8.4. The Contractor reserves the right to unilaterally terminate the provision of Services to the Customer in case of violation by the latter of any condition of this Agreement.

8.5. The term of the agreement is limited to the fulfillment by the Parties of all obligations in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.

9. Details of the Contractor.

TEL: +38 0671782108
Meest Shopping LLC
147 Zelena Street, Lviv

Meest Shopping


1. General provisions.

1.1. Standard terms of service (hereinafter STS) – developed by the Contractor to regulate and standardize the package of services of the redemption of goods, registration and forwarding of international mail items.

1.2. By registering a personal account and/or using the service on the Contractor’s website, the Customer confirms that he/she is familiar with and agrees with the provisions of these Terms and the Public Offer Agreement.

1.3. The provisions of the STS have a higher priority than the provisions of the Public Offer Agreement.

2. Account registration and data verification.

2.1. To start working with the Meest Shopping service, the Customer must register an account through the Contractor’s website, install the Contractor’s mobile application or use one of the additional services of the Contractor posted on the website.

2.1.1. The payment card verification procedure provides for the collection of any amount from the Customer’s card to verify the latter’s access to the movement of funds on this card and is required only in the case of using the redemption service through the application or directly through the personal account.

2.1.2. To verify the payment card, the Customer must enter the following data:
– card number
– card validity date
– cvc code
– name and surname of the cardholder
– bank card registration address

2.2. The standard registration procedure provides for the Customer to enter a mobile phone number, e-mail, which will then be a login to enter, password and password confirmation, agreement with the public offer agreement and privacy policy.

2.3. Upon entering the data specified in clause 2.1.2. STS, the service system will generate an SMS and/or a letter to confirm registration on the Customer’s e-mail.

2.5. The customer will be assigned a personal identifier (hereinafter ID number) in the format from 4 to 7 digits: ХХХХХХХ. ID number is the main user ID of myMeest service.

2.6. The Customer may register only one account, in case of duplication the Contractor reserves the right to delete one of the accounts unilaterally with additional information to the Customer.

2.7. From the moment the Customer receives the ID number, the Contractor grants the latter the right to use the address of the International Representative Office free of charge to arrange delivery to this address of orders placed on the Seller’s website or sent by individuals/legal entities.

2.8. To complete the account registration procedure, the Customer must fill in the profile data, indicating:
– last name, first name
– date of birth
– gender
– language for generating notifications
– address of residence
– e-mail
– mobile phone

2.9. To be able to use additional services of the Contractor, Buy per link, Chrome extension, Bestsellers, it is enough for the Customer to log in to the Contractor’s website, without the need to register.

3. The procedure of purchase formalization and its registration in the account.

3.1. To make a purchase on his own through the application, the Customer must register on the Seller’s website, indicating their data and personal ID in the name field, filling in other required fields, add the selected product to the cart, pay for the product and perform a number of actions:

3.1.1.The Customer is obliged to ensure the delivery of paid goods to the current address of the warehouse of the International Representative Office in the format:

First Name

Last name






Your name + id number

Your surname

147 Zelena Street




3.1.2. After receiving the number to track the purchase from the carrier company, the Customer must register this number in the user’s personal account by filling out the appropriate form in the “Orders” tab or using the “Send in one click” service.

3.1.3. Declaring the price of the order in USD.

3.1.4. The track number must be registered no later than the date of actual delivery of the goods with this track number to the warehouse of the International Representation. The Contractor is not responsible for the delay in the identification of the goods, which was caused by the late registration of these goods by the Customer in the personal account.

3.1.5.The Customer’s data specified in the personal account (last name, first name, patronymic) must correspond to the data specified when making the purchase by the Customer on the Seller’s website and will be used by the Seller and/or the transport company to deliver this purchase to the warehouse of the International Representative Office.

3.1.6. If the data of the Customer and the data of the Recipient of the order going to the warehouse of the International Representative Office differ (except for the clause 3.2.6.), the representative of the Contractor reserves the right to: refuse to receive such an order when attempting to deliver it to the International Representative Office; return such goods to the Seller without prior agreement with the Customer; request from the Customer passport data of the owner of the personal account and the person to be specified by the Recipient of such order, documents confirming the fact of purchase of this order, for carrying out procedure of identification of the owner of the order.

3.1.7. The Meest Shopping warehouse in Ukraine does not accept parcels with deferred payment. Some online stores offer the ability to pay for a parcel upon delivery. Meest Shopping does not work with such parcels. All parcels that the Customer sends to the Meest Shopping warehouse must be already paid for.

3.1.8. In case of delivery of the parcel with post-payment to the warehouse of the International representative office, the Contractor reserves the right to temporarily block the personal account of the user, until the actual payment by the Customer for this purchase.

3.2. For redemption through Chrome extension, the Customer needs to:

3.2.1. Download the extension from the site

3.2.2. Choose a product on the Seller’s website;

3.2.3. Fill in the data: phone number, email address, surname, name and full address of the recipient of the Order;

3.2.4. Receive the generated invoice, order number, cost of delivery and additional services (if any have been selected) and pay for it with their card.

3.3. For redemption through the Buy in 1 click service, the Customer needs to:

3.3.1. Send a link to the product he wants to order and the recipient’s details (email address and phone number) via a special link posted on the website

3.3.2. Receive an invoice according to the conditions specified on the site and ensure its payment.

3.4. For redemption through the Bestsellers service, the Customer needs to:

3.4.1. Choose a product in the section Bestsellers on the site;

3.4.2. Fill in the data: phone number, email address, surname, name and full address of the recipient of the Order;

3.4.3. Receive and pay the generated invoice, order number, cost of delivery and additional services.

4. List of mail items prohibited for sending.

4.1. For carriage in international mail items (hereinafter – IMI) only those attachments are accepted which do not contain goods prohibited for air transportation and transportation by land or sea transport; goods exported from the Seller’s/Sender’s country and/or imported into the United States/Canada which are not prohibited by the law of the country of the Sender/Recipient or by the Universal Postal Convention.

4.2. The IMI must not contain attachments, the shipment of which is restricted by the laws/regulations of the Seller’s / Sender’s country and/or the United States/Canada, regulations, international regulations and acts.

4.3. The Contractor reserves the right to refuse to redeem the goods or accept for shipment any mail item, in case of suspicion of the presence of prohibited attachment, attachments that may endanger human life/health, cause damage or destruction of other mail items, but not exclusively.

4.4. The Contractor reserves the right to change the type of delivery in case of sending by the Customer of the goods, which are limited to shipment by a certain type of transportation (for example, air).

4.5. The Customer shall reimburse the Contractor for all damages, penalties/customs duties, or any other financial costs incurred by the latter due to non-compliance with the list of prohibited attachments or any other conditions specified in the STS.

4.6. The Contractor is not the owner and/or supplier of the goods. All trademarks posted on the Site belong to their owners. The use of trademarks, as well as any information about the product, which is posted on the Site of the Contractor, is for informational purposes only, is not a commercial offer and serves only for informational purposes for the Client. For the convenience of the Clients, the Contractor’s Site may contain links to third-party sites. The Contractor is not responsible for the information and content published on such sites.

4.7. The Contractor is not responsible for the exact match of colors and shades of goods presented on the websites of Sellers.

5. Identification and acceptance of orders.

5.1. Identification of the Customer’s purchase, which arrived at the warehouse of the international office, is done by scanning the track number (bar code), pre-registered by the Customer in the personal account.

5.1.1. The identification procedure also involves weighing the purchase that arrived at the warehouse and placing it in a cell of appropriate size for further processing or transfer to the area of ​​formation of the mail item, if the goods are registered by the customer as “Send in one click” or purchased through one of the additional services.

5.2. In case of absence of the registered track number of the purchase from the Customer in the database at the moment of its scanning, the Contractor’s representative will carry out the identification procedure by ID number.

5.2.1. Such an order will be registered without description of the content, number of units of goods and with zero value in the personal account, the ID of which is specified in the accompanying documents.

5.2.2. The possibility of placing such an order by the Customer will be available only after its editing, which involves the choice of product category, fixing the value and number of units of goods.

5.3. In the absence of a track number pre-registered by the Customer and the ID of the latter on the box, such an order will be considered “unidentified” and will be entered in the register of “unidentified” cargo.

5.4. To identify the purchase after its actual delivery to the warehouse of the international representation office, the Customer must register the track number of such purchase in the personal account for its rewriting by the system from the database of “unidentified cargo” to the Customer’s account.

5.5. The free term of storage of a purchase in the warehouse of the international representative office is 14 calendar days from the moment of scanning of this purchase in the user’s account or in the register of unidentified purchases (according to clause 5.3.).

5.6. The maximum term of storage of the purchase in the warehouse is 3 calendar months. In the absence of a request from the Customer to identify such an order, it will be assigned the status of “unclaimed cargo”.

5.6.1. Cargo with the status “unclaimed” is transferred for disposal.

5.6.2. The Contractor shall not accept for consideration a claim for reimbursement of the value of “unclaimed” cargo or any other indirect damages caused to the Customer by its disposal.

6. Additional services and application for registration.

6.1. From the moment of scanning the purchase in the Customer’s account, the latter has the opportunity to formalize this purchase for sending to the USA/Canada.

6.2. In addition to the standard services provided by the international delivery service, the Customer may apply to each Order additional warehouse services, except for orders through Chrome extension and Bestsellers.

6.2.1. List of standard services used by default: Delivery Storage over 14 Packaging for consolidation Volumetric weight

6.3. The list of additional services is regulated, has the corresponding tariffs and conditions of application:

  • Return of goods to the store – $8 USD per item for USA , $10 CDN per item for Canada
  • Reinforced packaging – 2 USD
  • Sticker “Fragile” – 0.50 USD
  • Compensation for the declared value of 2.5%
  • Consolidation – 1 USD
  • Deconsolidation – 2 USD
  • Photo report – 1 USD
  • Large packaging – 1.50 USD
  • Medium packaging – 1.50 USD
  • Small packaging – 1.50 USD
  • Delete check – 2 USD
  • Collection from the nearest post office – 2 USD

6.4. The Contractor reserves the right to deny the Customer the use of a separate additional service, but is obliged to inform the latter by sending an email or notification in the personal account.

6.5. Depending on the type of additional service, the Customer may choose them at the time of registration of the track number in the personal account; after scanning the track number by a representative of the warehouse and at the time of application for sending the parcel to Ukraine.

6.5.1. The list of additional services available at each stage will be active for selection in the personal account.

6.5.2. The Customer may not demand the use of an additional service that is not intended for selection at this stage or at the warehouse of the selected International Representative Office.

6.6. After scanning the track numbers at the warehouse of the International Representative Office and selecting additional services, the Customer must create an Application for registration of the parcel.

6.6.1. The exception is the purchase of goods through the services Chrome extension and Bestsellers, where the process does not require manual generation of the Application for registration of the parcel.

6.6.2. At the application stage, the Customer must select the Recipient’s address from the list of previously created ones or add a new Recipient’s address.

6.6.4. When creating the address of the Recipient of the parcel, the Customer can choose one of the four available types of delivery: Express delivery by Fedex and USPS carrier for the USA and Canada Post for Canada Delivery to the office of Fedex and USPS for USA and Canada Post for Canada Delivery to the office of Meest America or Meest Canada

6.7. From the moment of creation of the application for registration by the Customer, introduction of any changes of track numbers added to the given application or editing of the application (including the final Recipient, type of delivery, the carrier company, but not exclusively) is not provided.

6.8. The Customer, by placing an order for sending the Order, agrees to start the process of forming a parcel, which is irreversible, without the possibility of its suspension (except for clause 6.8.)

6.9. In the absence of the Customer’s application for shipment of goods in stock for 90 calendar days from the date of scanning or more, the Contractor reserves the right to assign such goods the status of “unclaimed cargo” and dispose of such goods at its discretion, in particular to cover the cost of storing this cargo.

7. Registration of the parcel and the payment procedure.

7.1. According to the Customer’s application for registration of the parcel, except 6.6.1., the Contractor’s representative prepares a customs declaration (CN23), the number of which is generated automatically in the format MYCVXXXXXXXXXUS or CVXXXXXXXXXUS (where US – sign of the sender’s country) and carries out physical formation of IMI with application of the services selected by the Customer.

7.2. The formation of the parcel automatically generates a payment invoice to the Customer, which contains the cost of delivery services and additional services.

7.3. Payment is made through the eCard or Portmone payment system for shipments generated through a personal account or APP, by entering the Customer’s payment card details, in accordance with the terms of the Customer’s issuing bank

7.4. Tariffing of delivery services and additional/standard services is carried out according to the current tariff of each type of service.

7.5. The invoice for payment of the cost of IMI delivery services will automatically contain the cost of standard services, which are accrued by the system automatically, in accordance with the clause 6.2.1.

7.5.1. Exceptions will be the cost of storing mail items for more than 14 days at the warehouse of international representative offices, storage of which requires additional space, including, but not limited to, formed IMI ready for shipment, sending of which is controlled by the excess cost system of the amount equivalent to 800 USD for USA or 20 CAD for Canada. The cost of such storage will be regulated individually by the Customer depending on the number of shipments and their dimensions.

7.6. Parcels formed by the Customer will be shipped to the USA/Canada only after payment for delivery services and additional services.

7.7. In the absence of payment for delivery services for IMI within 90 calendar days from the date of its registration in the International Representative Office, the Contractor reserves the right to assign such a mail item the status of “unclaimed” cargo and transfer it for disposal or dispose of such mail item at its own discretion.

7.7.1. The Customer confirms the conditions of the clause 7.9 by refusing to pay for the services of delivery of such a mail item or the absence of payment within the specified period.

7.8. The maximum allowable delivery terms for IMI from the moment of shipment from the warehouse of the international representative office to the moment of arrival at PIPE of the USA/Canada:

Country of delivery




7-14 business days

7-14 business days

8. Maximum allowable dimensions of mail items.

8.1. Any dimension must not exceed 105 cm. The sum of the length and the largest perimeter (length of the circle) in any direction (except length) must not exceed 200 cm.

8.2. The maximum allowable weight in the IMI must not exceed 30 kg.

8.3. The formula for determining the volumetric weight applies to all shipments, including the restrictions specified in the clause 8.1: length (inc) x height (inc) x width (inc) / 139 = weight in pounds, length (cm) x width (cm) x height (cm) / 5000 = weight in kg.

8.4. In case of non-compliance of the dimensions and/or weight of mail item with the conditions specified in clauses 8.1 and 8.2., the Contractor reserves the right to reject transportation of such Mail item with the possibility for the Customer:

  • to return this Mail item to the Sender for additional payment,
  • to refuse to receive this mail item for disposal,
  • to formalize and provide transportation of such cargo independently by means of service
  • to pick up the mail item from the warehouse on its own.

8.4.1. The Customer must notify the Contractor of the decision regarding the Mail item within a period not exceeding 7 calendar days. In the absence of a decision within the specified period, the Contractor will determine further actions on such Mail item on its own.

8.4.2. The customer automatically agrees to the terms of the clause 8.4.1 by the absence of any information on his part.

9. Customs inspection procedure.

9.1. Mail items with a total invoice value not exceeding the equivalent of USD 800 for the USA and CAD 20 for Canada for one consignee – an individual in one dispatch from one sender of IMI are accepted for transportation without payment of duty.

9.2. In case of exceeding the value of the IMI equivalent specified in paragraph 9.1 on the day of the customs clearance, such Mail item will be transferred for additional customs inspection and customs clearance in the customs control zone of the Recipient’s country.

9.3. If it is necessary to determine the value of the mail item, the Customer must provide an invoice from the store and a bank statement to confirm payment. Additionally, the customs inspector may request a copy of the Recipient’s passport. The Contractor is not responsible for the actions of customs authorities.

9.4. In the absence of payment of duty by the Recipient of the IMI, such IMI may be returned to the Sender.

9.4.1. The exception is IMI, which was returned due to lack of legal grounds for its customs clearance (including prohibited goods, but not exclusively). Such cargo shall not be reprocessed and may be confiscated by the customs authorities of the Sender’s country or the country of destination.

10. Return of goods by the Customer.

10.1. Return of goods by the Customer is possible when ordering an additional service Return label.

10.2. Return of goods purchased by the Customer is possible only if such return is allowed by the Seller of the goods.

10.3. Terms and conditions of return of goods are determined on the Seller’s website. The term of return of the goods is not more than 30 calendar days from the moment of confirmation of the order of the goods by the Client.

10.4. The Contractor organizes the shipment of returned goods and is not responsible for the quality of the assortment and other properties of the Seller’s goods.

10.5. The Customer may return the goods provided that such goods have not been used, there are no traces of use, all tags and factory packaging are preserved, as well as under the condition that the possibility of returning such goods is provided by the rules of the Seller.

10.6. The procedure for returning the goods by the Customer is as follows:

10.6.1. The customer orders the service of returning the goods during the ordering process, additionally selecting the Return label service

10.6.2. If the Client has chosen the Return label service, the Warehouse employees enclose a return label and instructions in the Client’s parcel

10.6.3. The Customer may apply for return of goods no later than 5 days after receipt of the order. The application must indicate the reason for return, number CVXXXXXXXXXUA of the received parcel. The application is to be sent by email and confirmation of return will be received from

10.6.4. The Customer must send a parcel with a label for return, which was attached to the parcel at the address of the warehouse in the USA or Canada, at his own expense (delivery time up to 5 days from receipt of the parcel).

10.6.5. Send the track number by which the parcel was sent to our warehouse in the USA or Canada (deadline – before the arrival of the parcel to the warehouse in the USA or Canada) at the address

10.7. All costs associated with the return of goods from the USA or Canada to the Seller are paid when choosing the additional service Return label.

10.8. The Seller is responsible for the decision to return the funds to the Customer’s card.

10.9. If the Customer has not ordered an additional service Return label and received a broken or damaged product, he may apply to resolve this issue individually at

10.10. List of goods of proper quality that cannot be returned:

10.10.1 Food products, drugs and medications, sanitary items

10.10.2 Non-food products:

  • photographic films, photographic plates, photographic paper
  • corset goods
  • perfumery and cosmetics
  • feather and downy products
  • children’s soft toys
  • children’s rubber inflatable toys
  • toothbrushes
  • mouthpieces
  • shaving machines
  • shaving swabs
  • combs and massage brushes
  • mufflers (for wind musical instruments)
  • violin chins
  • gloves
  • fabrics
  • tulle curtain and lace fabrics
  • piece carpet products
  • underwear
  • bed linen
  • hosiery
  • goods in aerosol packaging
  • printed publications
  • linear and sheet metal, pipe products,
  • lumber, moldings (plinth, trim), board
  • materials (fiberboard and particle board, plywood) and glass, cut or split to size specified by the buyer (customer)
  • audio, video cassettes, disks for laser reading systems with recording

10.10.3. Natural and artificial hair products (wigs)

10.10.4. Baby products (diapers, pacifiers, feeding bottles, etc.)

10.10.5. Tools for manicure, pedicure (scissors, nail files, etc.)

10.10.6. Jewelry made of precious metals, precious stones, precious stones of organogenic formation and semi-precious stones.

11. The procedure for filing a reclamation.

11.1. In case of finding violations related to the operation of the Contractor’s website, the Customer has the right to report this fact by sending an email to

11.2. The Customer has the right to file a complaint to the Contractor regarding the provision of services for the organization of delivery of goods in accordance with the Customer’s Order. The Customer can submit a reclamation via email to The Customer’s application must contain the address of the Recipient, the name and surname of the Recipient, a precise indication of the circumstances of providing poor quality service to which it relates, together with the justification of the application.

11.3. The standard term for consideration of a reclamation is 10 business days, but it may be extended if it is necessary to involve third parties, of which the complainant will be notified by means of communication known to the Contractor.

11.4. The Contractor, if there are legal grounds for this, must satisfy the Customer’s reclamation immediately, but not later than within 30 days from the date of its submission. Refunds for the reclamation will be made in the same way as the previous payment for delivery of goods, provided that the Customer has not agreed to another method of return, unless such other method incurs any additional costs for the Customer, within 30 days.

11.5. In case of receipt of the Order with damage to the outer packaging or access to the contents, the Recipient must draw up an appropriate act in the presence of a representative of the carrier company and file a complaint to the carrier company.

11.6. The Customer has the right to file a reclamation regarding the non-receipt of the goods specified in the Order, provided that the Order has been paid for. In case the Contractor makes a decision on the validity of the complaint and returns to the Customer funds under the Order, the latter will be reimbursed the cost of paid and not received goods.

11.7. All complaints regarding the purchased product, its qualities, etc. must be submitted by the Customer directly to the Seller.

11.8. The Contractor has the right to contact the Seller to agree on the provision of warranty obligations in respect of defects of the goods purchased for the Customer.

11.9. If, in order to fulfill the warranty obligations or receive a response from the Seller regarding the warranty case, it is necessary to send the goods to the Seller, the Customer must send the goods to the Seller at his own expense to the address previously agreed by the Customer. All costs associated with the delivery of goods from the Customer to the Seller to resolve warranty issues are borne by the Customer.

11.10. The Contractor does not accept claims for damage to the goods in the absence of proper packaging or appropriate labeling by the Seller/Sender if that additional packaging has not been ordered from the International Representative Office (in accordance with the clause of the Public Offer).

11.11. The Contractor does not accept claims for blocking the Customer’s personal account, regardless of the reason for blocking.